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How do I create a transparent background?

Open your image. File/Open. First thing you need to do is unlock the image from background mode. Simply double click the paddle lock icon in the layes pallet.

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Now you can use the erasereraser the lasso lasso and or the magicwandmagic wand to delete the background. Small gray a white checkers indicate transparent.

When you are done go to File/Save and it will save to your computer. Please select png as the format as jpeg does not support transparency.


How do I find my images resolution?

When you open your image file, the Glossary Link Pixel ratio is shown on the bottom of the image window.

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What's the best resolution for quality reproductions and printing?

This is very confusing for most people. We have created this chart to help get a visual on  actual printed size versus resolution.

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The window in you site is very small can I make it bigger?

Yes! Go to View in the top menu, down to fullscreen mode. this will bring the photolab up in a large window of it's own.hitting the esc button on you keyboard will bring you back.


The magic wand is selecting more then just the background. Can I change this?

Yes! when you have the magic wand selected a window just under the menue appears called tolerance. trey some different numbers to set how much difference the wand willselect.

magic wandcontrols


Can I use the type tool here to make my text ?

NO! Please do not create your type in this program. While you can do this, the font's in our designlab are flash based Glossary Link vector fonts. this means they do not have pixels and are guaranteed to print crisp at any size. with promotional shirts it's most important to get the message across, and have the text readable.

Not to mention our design lab allows you to arch, curve outline and much more control.


Can I increase the pixel size ?

This program will allow you to res up your file... this is a great way to trash any photo or art and is NOT recommended. it is in fact worse then just inlarging it in the design lab as it pixel doubles and get's really messy. Our Glossary Link digital direct printer can apply some anti aliasing as it enlarges and get better results.


Can I just paint and create a t-shirt design in this program?

Well, technically yes! But We're not going to recommend it for several reasons. The most important one being that this is strickly a RGB program. and most of the bright colors it allows syou to use will not be reproduced with our Digital CMYK printer. More on that in our Digital EDU HERE.


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