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Custom Screen Printing,Embroidery & Ditial Direct. Celebrating thirty years as a small business in 2012! Serving the Denver front range & Colorado.  Read more ...

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Can I mix & Match sizes, colors & styles to meet the 12 pcs. minimum?

Yes, Keep in mind that some ink colors will not work on all garments and a $10.00 ink charge will apply to change during a run. Also some art may become a Negative image when switching from light ink on dark shirts to dark ink on light garments. This may require and inverted art and screen. But you can get three long sleeve tees, two short, five hooded sweats etc to equal 12 total.


Can I use my own art & photos for printing apparel?

Yes, Keep in mind that we cannot use just any computer image. graphics need to be to a certain resolution. Resolution free Glossary Link Vector art is the preferred format for best quality. Our art staff is happy to answer you questions and assist you in getting whatever is needed to produce the best shirts possible from your design. Please visit our Glossary Link Digital direct art education are for help here.


How long does it take to get my custom decorated clothing?

This varies based on the process used and the number off goods ordered per design. Our Glossary Link Direct digital imaging is from three days to seven days. Die-Subs take longer then Digital Direct. The design program will tell you the estimated time. For Glossary Link screen printing & Glossary Link embroidery, We guarantee a 2 week turnaround and usual get orders done sooner. A Rush charge can speed things up and there are slow times of the year when this process is quicker.


Can I bring in my own garments for decoration?

Yes! But only for Non digital decoration. And you might want to call and price check us first. We are a wholesale distributor of almost all apparel brands and can get some amazing prices.

Do you have a showroom of goods and samples?

Yes! Come on in and meet Dusty dog. try on the goods to make sure they fit, see the actual color and feel the fabric first.


Does your Digital direct printing work on dark or any color garments ?

Yes! Our Glossary Link print on demand uses a white ink technology that allows us to image any color garment. this is a limited white ink area of art. Not a solid patch ink


What is a set-up charge ?

In Glossary Link silk screen printing, each color is printed separate. a film and photo sensitive Glossary Link silk screen are created for each color, these are then set on press, registered to fit to each

other, Ink is put in and printed. these charges are to cover the printers cost associated with the materials and process.


What is a digitizing tape charge?

With embroidery, each letter, graphic & Logo must be digitized, turned into a set of instructions for the sewing machine, telling it where to stitch each thread, What kind of stitch, where to jump to and when to cut. What color of thread is to be used and so on.


Why are your printed samples so superior to other Denver screen print shops?

That's easy. We use technologies for color separating the art files that was developed prior to the personal computer. While we us computers to do the work now, they are a tool we employ and not the catch all answer. Other printers rely on computers and computer scripts to color separate, We do ours manually, treating each design with a unique perspective of it's own individual challenges.. It's an art form in itself. And we do it for less money then some Glossary Link t-shirt shops charge to run their scripts or do type and clip-art. We also find it quicker and cheaper to just create a original design then scan databases of generic clip art.


Can you print just one item?

Yes. as of February 2011 we employ a state of the art Direct Digital Glossary Link print on demand system that allows us to print one garment. full color and pretty much all over. And it is currently the only one in Glossary Link Denver that prints White ink, allowing us to print any color garment. click here to get started.


What type of artwork can I send to use?

We've tried to create an easy to understand art guideline. click here.


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