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 Digital Direct Art 101

  In an effort to make this the best possible custom t-shirt printing experience anywhere on the internet we have created a simple checklist to help you understand what to expect from your order with Choice Image. Please review these and check off that you understand each item before proceeding to our custom design studio.

If you have questions or feel confused please call use 303-232-4250

color space:
I UNDERSTAND NEON RGB COLORS WILL NOT PRINT!RGB Neon RGB bright colors WILL NOT PRINT! or will print dull and muddy!
I UNDERSTAND BACKGROUNDS WILL PRINT!Files printing on colored and dark garments must have a transparent layer? i.e. PNG or Gif. Formats like .Jpeg will print with entire file background!
I UNDERSTAND LOW RES FILES WILL PRINT BLURRYLow Pixel resolution files or files res'd up will print blurry & Blotchy or unrecognizable.
I UNDERSTAND COLORS MAY BE DIFFERENT!Colors viewed on monitors do not represent actual file colors. Different monitors see different colors. I do not want the expense of Color Corrections.
I UNDERSTAND COPYRIGHTED MATERIALI Understand that I am responsible for the right of copy and cannot hold the printer liable for any infringements on my part.
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