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Glossary of terms used in custom garment decoration

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Butt register

this is where multiple colors are laid down individuality and butt right up against each other in a perfect fit, as opposed to overlaying or trapping with a gap.

Aliases (separate with |): Butt to butt
Cheap tee shirts

Shirts that are decorated using heat transfers, vinyl stickers and other processes that fade, wash out and leave a plastic patch on shirts. Shirts that are not worth the money you pay for them no matter how affordable.


A beautiful city and great place to live. Great view of the Rocky Mountains

Digital Screen printing

Digital Screen printing is a common term given to Digital t-shirt printing. Screen printing is NOT digital but due to it's association with t-shirt print... People assume Digital t-shirt print is somehow related to the silk screening process.

Direct to garment

Direct digital or Direct to garment refers to new Computer based technology that applies an image to the garment using a ink or bubble jet print system. This takes a computer graphic or image and sprays it directly onto the garment with no screen or stencils.


Dots per Inch. or pixels per inch images with Pixels ( Small picture cells) have a resolution, this is the number of cells per inch. the more cells or dots the better the detail and clarity.

Aliases (separate with |): .dpi|72.dpi|lpi|ppi

DTG is an acronym for Direct to garment, Used for digital tee shirt and apparel printing or Print on demand Digital t-shirt imaging. beacuse there are no films or screens, the digital image goes from computer to garment digital printer and prints the shirt.

Aliases (separate with |): |Digital direct|digital printing|direct digital|Direct to garment|direct to supstrate|direct2garment|print on demand

Embroidery is the technique of decorating garments with designs, logos, text and art using sewn thread, yarn and other materials creating several different stitch patterns for a very elegant look and feel

Aliases (separate with |): embroidered|monogrammed|monogramming|sewn|Stitched

Pixels are small picture squares or cells of various color, value, and contrast that are used to generate computer photographs & images like those from digital cameras. scanners & the internet.

Print on Demand

this is a term given digital direct printing. Due to the lack of set ups or screens, the process can be done instantaneously. it is not used for large quantities of the same product so it is idea for printing small orders as they come in rather then printing thousands and keeping them in stock waiting to sell.


Raster images also called Bit-map are computer digital images which use small picture cells or squares called Pixels.these are various colors, values, tints & Tones and generate a image when reduced to a size that cannot be seen, Much Like the art form pointillism.These files need to be to a higher resolution for reproduction, then for computer screens. and can only be reduced in size never enlarged.

Silk Screen Printing

A process developed thousands of years ago in which a stencil is suspended by a Silk mesh or screen. A squeegee is used to pull ink through the stenciled mesh. Technology has advanced it to use such things as Nylon mesh and liquid light sensitive emulations.

Aliases (separate with |): screen print|screen printing|screening|silk screen

A garment usually made from woven cotton or a cotton polyester blend, that when laid flat resembles the capitol letter T. Most commonly used as an under garment or as a canvas to display art, images and statements.

Aliases (separate with |): |t|t shirt|t-shirts|tee|tee's

Vector based art also referred to as Post script or .eps Encapsulated post script. Uses mathematical equation, lines, curves and nodes to make shapes and colors. Unlike most computer images which use small picture cells called Pixels and whose quality is based on the resolution or number of pixels per inch. Vector based art is resolution independent. It will reproduce in perfect quality no mater what size.

Aliases (separate with |): poost script|vectorart
Water Based Ink

Acrylic inks that are water soluble rather then the tradition plastic ink used in garment decoration. these inks leave a thinner softer ink layer that allows for cotton and other textiles to breath and pass moister better.

Aliases (separate with |): water-based
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